Good Food and You.

We are considered healthy when we are free from bodily injury and sickness that either affect the mind or body.

For the human being to function well there is need to be of good shape and health.

Ways to keep healthy include: Good sleep. We need right amounts of sleep from 6-8hours so the mind and body can relax and cells can regenerate. Sleep prevents fatigue related issues, helps the brain to absorb much and also to alert and active throughout the day. Regular exercise which helps to build muscles and strengthen the bones, also helps to avoid heart related diseases, stroke, diabetes. It is advisable to exercise for about 30-60 minutes every day to get the best out of your exercises. Avoid intake of tobacco products and too much alcohol for in the long run they will affect the lungs, throat, colon, stomach, kidneys and liver. Using drugs and alcohol for prolonged period and in excessive quantities will lead to poor health. Avoid too much exposure to the sun especially in places like the USA where skin cancer is a common cancer. Wear sunscreen whose minimum SPF 15 to cover exposed areas like the faces, arms, hands and legs. Further it will help protect the skin other harsh effects of the sun like sun burns. Maintain a good weight through regular checkup the doctors will advise you on what is the good weight to maintain based on age, gender, height and any health related issues you might have. Adhere to the doctor’s advice on ways to keep healthy to avoid health related problems based weight issues. Visit the doctor regularly for checkups. Do a full body check up to get a clean bill of health and if diagnosed with an illness then take the medication prescribed to avoid worsening the poor health status and get well soon. Last but not least is to eat healthy food in the right portions and quantities.

When it comes to eating as a way to keep healthy then you want to be careful what you ingest into your body. You want a restaurant that offered excellent service, good and healthy food. The True Food Kitchen are known to be the best organic restaurant offering food from farm to the table, healthy take out and among there wide coverage in many counties, you might consider the gluten free restaurant in Chicago. Eating healthy is beneficial to the whole being of a person so try one of the best organic restaurants in Chicago offering farm to table meal, gluten free meals, and healthy takes out.

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